Amelia Goodman

Good at: feminism, building things, organizing, reading.

I am currently building bookworm reads, because reading is better together šŸ„°. You can organize your reads, send recommendations to friends, and dress up your wormy in cute outfits. It's like goodreads, but prettier, gayer, and not owned by an evil empire.

Some of my favorite projects I've worked on include creating Tech It Out Philly, a program for high school students to learn how to code and encourage critical literacy, and establishing FemmeHacks, Philly's first all-womxn collegiate hackathon.

Before building bookworm reads, I worked as an engineer at the Stanford Computational Policy Lab, where we tried to build tech to intervene in social problems like the prison industrial complex, the criminal justice system, inequitable education, and more. Before that, I worked as a full-stack software engineer on the Apple CDN team, as well as an Engineering Project Manager for Apple's online store in London.

In my free time, I enjoy print making, particularly screen-printing, making mosaics, and experimenting with other types of art.