Amelia Goodman

Good at: feminism, tech, talking about my dog, lists.

Some of my favorite projects I've worked on include creating Tech It Out Philly, a program for high school students to learn how to code and encourage critical literacy. You can read more about this effort here and a longer analysis here. I also worked to establish FemmeHacks, Philly's first all-womxn collegiate hackathon. FemmeHacks aims to create a welcoming environment for hackers, allowing thousands of womxn to explore their passion for tech by hacking on web, mobile, and hardware apps to create projects from scratch. In 2017, I was man-dated (a term I just made up for when a man instructs you do something without any authority) to include men in our all-womxn hackathon. I wrote about that experience here.

I am currently a software engineer at the Stanford Computational Policy Lab, where we build tech to intervene in social problems like the prison industrial complex, the unfair criminal justice system, inequitable education, and more.

Before SCPL, I worked as a full-stack software engineer on the Apple CDN team, as well as an Engineering Project Manager for Apple's online store in London.

In my free time, I enjoy print making, particularly screen-printing, making mosaics, and experimenting with other types of art for Goodman's Goods, Man.